Extreme Responsibility to End the Demagogue of Our Time.

How many of you know we have a Demagogue as a president? Have you researched what his methods are and are you ready for the destruction of everything you’ve ever known? Throughout history most Demagogues are defeated when they are destroyed in wars they created in order to destroy an enemy that existed in the minds of those filled with hatred? Joseph McCarthy and southern leaders after the Civil War being the only exceptions? Trump supporters are being increasingly told that if democrats win the majority in the United States House that we will violently take over the government and destroy the Republicans and immediately call for We will refuse them religious freedom and a bunch of other lies that they DO BELIEVE.

Trump, their God will be IMPEACHED. No one is responding to this problem because they don’t believe that Trump supporters will do anything or that Trump will not refuse the voters decision. I’m changing the theme of my Tumblr to rise to this occasion. One thing Trump destroyed that benefits me and other common Americans is our expectation of who can and cannot run for election! Extreme logic, reason and decisions based on factual truth and evidence are needed and will happen one way or another. If you feel as I do, the time for talking heads is over. We need to begin our democratic process and do what needs to be done



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