Authors Journal: My Life-My Thoughts, Opinions-My Joys and Sorrows-My Goals For My Future and Every Day Happenings

This page is where I will be brutally honest and let you in on my life. My goal for sharing my personal life with the world is to help to get it out of my head, check it off and let it goes, and possibly help you by not thinking that your not the only one who has experiences like mine, thoughts like mine, and that those voices in my head say shit like that in yours too! 

Also, I want to share what I have learned and mistakes and habits I still make and do even as I know better. 😬 I figure life would suck if I actually learned, changed and moved on… Right? I have evolved many times in my almost 45 years. Shedding off my old ways and becoming more authentic and true to myself and others than ever before. I have died many times inside during this life and managed to take a flickering of light in my soul and once again feed it until it became a flame, and soon that flame came in contact with something, someone, or some event and became a burning inferno inside of my Soul and I  again became my very own Phoenix rising out of the ashes of my past, enlightened, and inspired! 

Lastly, to be real. Our world is full of talking heads telling us – No, fuck that, YELLING at us all the time about complete fabrications as if they really have a clue!

Middle age is THE BEST TIME of my life so far. I have accepted my daughters love me. As a Virgo and a Capricorn however, they can only handle me in small, short doses. I guess I better get this out into the open and confess, my religion is the Universe: the stars, planets, constellations, the Zodiac, multiple dimensions, quantum physics, metaphysics, philosophy of every kind, etc. In other words, my Sun sign is Sagittarius! I also have a LOT of ideas which I feel would make our society stronger. I am a “global citizen” because I know that what one government does in a land far, far away will impact everyone I care about in one way or another. As a Leo Rising and Leo Moon, I am a watcher over those I hold dear and if they are harmed in anyone in any way, I will not just roar, I will tear you to pieces. Maybe I can get my oldest daughter to write on this page about this. The Title can be: My Mother-Obsessive, Protective, Possessive of Me but Through it All, She Loves Me. 

Seriously though, we all should be hyper-vigilant of all the lies we have been told as facts in our pasts and lies being told to us today as fact. It could be anyone in our lives telling us something to place a veil between us and the truth, which they use to manipulate our feelings, thoughts, beliefs, making us do things for no one else’s benefit but theirs.  This means to me that the most manipulating force which we must be vigilant of is our minds because if anything can lie to us and have us believe what it wants so it will feel better, it ourselves. 

This is the sole reason I created The University of Why. Because if we cannot even trust ourselves not to manipulate us then that means as far as evolving goes, Game Finished, and the only losers will be the ones who refuse, not cannot (another lie since we can all choose) but refuse to doubt they might be doing, thinking, feeling the way they are because they’ve been lied to. Misery loves the company and it doesn’t care who the company is.

I hope you like my Journal. It’s yours to share.